Monday, February 1, 2010

Time to play! Ready, set....

So, I'm creating a new booktrailer after reading this YA book that is begging for a trailer to be made. I don't have money to give away, but one thing I do enjoy is playing games, especially quizzing types. So, I'm going to share my tags for my booktrailer with you.
If you can guess the title and author, add a comment (I'll post them on Friday through moderation). Watch for comments as well! I'll post a comment with your name if you've got it right : )
If you guess right, you'll be put in a drawing. For what? Well, the only thing I can give away really, are some of my trailers. I know you can download them, but I'll put five of the trailers I've put up on this blog on a flash drive and mail it to you (your choice). Heck, I'll even throw in a Starbucks card too.
And if you're a YA author, I'll create a trailer for a book you've written and send that one to you as well as post it online!
So, you have until this Friday! And here we go....

dog snarling - rabid dog - Urbat - brother/sister - Knights Templar - love
loup garou - old book - statues - Gabriel - moonstone - lone street light - art - lycanthrope - walnut tree - mad dog - dark eyes - Hounds of Hell - Hounds of Heaven - silver dagger - church - redemption - forbidden love

Have fun!!


Sydney said...

I just read a book that sounds very similar to what you described. It was the The Devil's Kiss by Sarwat Chadda.
You have inspired me and my goal is to start making trailers. I've tried a couple of times and it seems to take me forever. I haven't finished one yet. Finding the images seems to be my biggest hangup. But thanks for the motivation.

Mrs. M said...

I believe you have described The Devil's Kiss by Sarwat Chadda.

I hope I win! I would love to use some of your trailers to entice readers in my HS library. In my two years as a librarian, I have worked hard to increase circulation. Book trailers help! Thanks!