Monday, March 15, 2010

Chasing Brooklyn by Lisa Schroeder - book trailer

I finished this Friday, but then spring break started. I love posting on this blog, sharing on the listserv, talking to fellow colleagues, spring break still calls. If you asked me what the date is today, I'd say, "Who cares?" So for those of you on spring break, you feel me, and those of you that aren't - be's coming : ) SO...I am posting this trailer I just finished. Enjoy it! I'll put it on schooltube for embedding and sharing later this week.
BTW, this isn't the first trailer I made for this author. Also did one for Far From You as well. I just enjoy her writing and her books. Thanks Lisa for your talent!

I'm giving you the NHS library link of booktrailers so you can see it in all of it's glory -


thomsherry1 said...

Just fabulous!!!!!!

Julie Howe said...

Is it okay if I post this (or any of your book trailers) on my blog for my students?

naomibates said...

PLEASE!!! My trailers aren't just for you to watch...I made them for everyone to give to the YA masses : )