Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Some interesting websites...

Do you keep a booklist? I do...have one by genre that I add to everytime I read a new one. I'm starting to keep better tabs on them with my but there's a lot of lists I'm still needing to update. And there are some real treasures out there of lists of YA books. Technology...gotta love that it takes the guesswork, as well as the leg work, out of listing! Here are some of my favorites:

Flashlight Worthy Books: This website is chock full of lists, either created by the two guys who started this website, or by contributors. The lists for young adults is pretty comprehensive and updated!

Library Booklists: This website isn't only for YA, it has children's, adult and non-fiction lists as well! I like the clean interface, and the lists are actual links to other entities (mainly libraries) that has created lists on a particular topic. Consider this a compendium of booklist links. You'll be overwhelmed in a good way!

Who doesn't know about I think everyone should visit this site at least once, but be's like Lay's potato chips. Bet you can't visit just once! I especially like their lists page. Just type in "young adult" and start falling in love. This is by far the best of the websites. Extremely updated and visually appealing. Give the listopia a try!

Know of any others? Add a comment and share with the others who follow this blog, plus I'd like to see some more as well.
I have an interesting list I'm working on right now. Every six weeks I ask teachers to send me what they read and I put a placard on their door. It's cool to see what teachers are reading as well as the many books they've read. Let's not forget the reading connection they're creating with students! A lot of the books they're reading or have read we have in the library or I'm ordering because they just need to be in the library. I'm going to create a list as well as put all of these with the teacher's name beside it on display in the library. Bring a little of the classroom onto the shelves and continue creating relationships.
I had this epiphany while sitting in a class giving a TAKS test...that's what several loooong hours will do! After the test was returned,I got to read quietly with my student and chose Very LeFreak by Rachel Cohn, which will be reviewed here in a day or two. Preview: Hmmmmmm.....Interesting book....


bj neary said...

Hi Naomi, I blog all my book reviews on Goodreads, love it and I belong to a few groups there that keep me reading the most current YA lit! I also like to follow other blogs like Color Online, Readgirlz, ReadingRants,and I am following the Social Justice Challenge and part of a POC reading challenge---all great for keeping current and adding to my book order for the students in my school.

bj neary said...

I follow you as well as Readergirlz,ReadingRants,
ColorOnline,ReadinginColor, and I blog all my books on GOODREADS, love that blog and I have joined a few groups that keep me reading current YA literature. I also am part of a POC Challenge and the Social Justice Challenge and they all help me stay on top of the latest literature to order for my students.